Mothers Day Giveaway!!!

 We are giving away a $100 Ally B Gift Card in celebration of Mothers Day! Please comment below why you or your mom should be the winner!! While your here, take a look at our Mother Daughter Look Book of family, customers and employees of Ally B :)


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My mother should win this because she’s the best mom ever she works hard to make a Better life & winning this would make her sooo happy it will put a smile in her face I love it when my mom smiles because it makes me happy I love my mom


I would love to treat my mother with this gift card. Last year we battled and won the fight with stage 3 lung cancer. This time last year we were thankful she made it out of ICU when the chemo almost killed her. Last year was the hardest year my mom, me, and my young son have gotten through. This year we have remained thankful but I notice how hard everyday life is for my mom and she never will admit it but I see how much a little special something would help perk her up. Unfortunately I’m a single mom taking care of all 3 of us and not financially able to lavish any of us and would be tickled pink to win this for her.

Brandi Perkins

As someone who works with abused and neglected children for a living, I know how important a good mother is. I, myself, hope to be a mother in the next year or so… =) I’d love some new clothes from the fabulous Ally B to show on the outside the kind of woman I am striving to be on the inside. Thanks for the opportunity Ally B!

Joanna Thielmann

I think my mom definitely deserves to win, not just because shes a good mom, but shes an even better grandma. Growing up my mom worked 3 jobs to take care of me and my 2 brothers, and then when her sister died suddenly, my mom adopted her sisters son and took care of him. We never had very much, but my mom always made sure that we never went to bed hungry & we always had a bed to sleep in every night. My mom wears these black stretch pants that shes had for over 9 years, and cannot fford new clothes. I cannot afford to buy her new clothes either.

I know you guys will pick the person that you feel is the most deserving, and based on the comments that I have read, I must wish you luck!! :)

Karrie Sederstrom

I would love to win this for myself. I just turned 50 and would love to shop at Ally B’s when I return to Thomasville for the class of 81 turns 50 party. I have a friend in T’ville who shares so many of your gorgeous things on facebook that make me literally salivate. since I work for a non profit org. $100.00 would be awesome to shop with. Not to mention I work at construction sites and something pretty is needed. I’m sure someone else is way more deserving of this but, I would love it! I never really had a real Mother (except my grandmother) so I will be selfish a little bit. :)

Suzanne McMillan

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