Mothers Day Giveaway!!!

 We are giving away a $100 Ally B Gift Card in celebration of Mothers Day! Please comment below why you or your mom should be the winner!! While your here, take a look at our Mother Daughter Look Book of family, customers and employees of Ally B :)


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Even though I am constantly being told to go shop for myself I find it hard to do once out. I think of my kids with everything I do and rarely by for myself. As of right now I wear gym shorts and tank tops because of the warmer weather, with this gift certificate I could purchase something to jazz myself up for my loving husband and shock him. It would be perfect for our vacation to Savannah, GA

Misty T

I always have major mommy guilt when I buy anything for myself even if its something super cheap! This way I could finally get some clothes and not have to feel guilty about no spending money on my daughter! Haha win-win :)


I would love to win this because I am a mommy and wife first. I volunteer at my daughters school as much as I can. I am a volunteer tball coach for her team as well. I decided in January to go down to 3 days a week at work so I could stay home more with my 2nd child. I want my kids to know I love them and support anything they want to do. I will always be the mom that is there for any ceremony, dance, game, homework assignment and anything else they need from me. I am constantly getting them new clothes because lets face it kids go through them very fast. I will pick things up for myself and end up always putting them back. I never get things for myself unless I have to. I guess I would just love a reason to buy something for me in a store that doesn’t have kid clothes! It would force me to do it for me! This mothers day instead of celebrating with my mom and family, we have a funeral to attend, because a very special lady died on my birthday this past week. I would like something to brighten up a sad mothers day for me. thank you!

Sarah Smith

My momma deserves to win this 100$ gift card because she is a beautiful woman but sometimes she just needs a little help in the fashion department.. If you know what I mean. Y’all’s clothes would be a perfect way to help improve her style! I know my mom loves Judith march and Lilly Pulitzer, and she is so excited that y’all started carrying Lilly, so she would love to win the gift card for that reason! I hope you all have a blessed Mother’s Day :)


I would love to win this gift card! I absolutely adore your Boutique. I have been through alot, especially these last couple of years and now that I am geeting back on my feet after a lengthy divorce I could definitely use a make over. I would love the opportunity to begin that process at Ally B’s! I always make sure my children have everything they need and rarely get the opportunity to do something for myself. This would make an already special Mother’s Day even better!


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