Mothers Day Giveaway!!!

 We are giving away a $100 Ally B Gift Card in celebration of Mothers Day! Please comment below why you or your mom should be the winner!! While your here, take a look at our Mother Daughter Look Book of family, customers and employees of Ally B :)


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My mama and I deserve to win this gift because we’re both in need of some new beautiful clothing! I’m 17 weeks pregnant and she has to wear a uniform to work everyday! Your clothes are gorgeous and we’d be honored to wear them! :) Happy Mother’s Day to Y’all!!!!

Tisha Benavides

I would love to win a gift card for my mom, but she cleans houses six days a week & the ONLY thing she ever wears is khaki pants & a green shirt, which is the outfit she wears to work. My sister & I have tried getting her different clothes & she won’t wear them. She has 7 pairs of the exact same khaki pants & 7 green shirts that are exactly the same. So, I won’t try to win a gift card for her because I know she will never wear the clothes & all she really wants is a Pampered Chef tea pitcher. However, I love your clothes & would love to win a gift card! I have three beautuful daughters, ages 8, 5, & 3 months old. I am a full time stay at home mom & a full time student. I have been working on getting a nursing degree. My husband is the only one who works, so we are a one income family of 5 (until I finish school). I would be so excited if I could get some new clothes for mother’s day! Especially since I have been working out ever since I had my baby 3 months ago. I am always on the go between my classes, stuff going on at my kids school, ballet practice for my older two girls, cleaning house & my husband working swing shift. I get to watch my girls dance in their dance recital this weekend & I love to watch them dance! Anyway, I would love to win because you sure do have some super cute clothes! Good luck to all of the other entries. You all had some really good stories. I know it will be so hard to pick someone.

Misty Vinson

I wish all mother’s out there a happy mother’s day!


My Mother would love to win a makeover. I think she deserves it. We lost my sister PJ to Melanoma cancer in 2011. My mother was the most caring and loving person. Her and my Dad pretty much gave up life as they knew it unselfishly and made sure she went to heaven peacefully. It was an amazing journey for all of my brothers and sisters,to watch my Mom and Dad to keep pushing. There were days where the medication took its toll but through it all we said goodbye to our precious PJ July 5th 2011. My Mom really deserves it. Thank you

Lynn Fowler

My mother is one of the most hardest working women I have ever met. Since I can remember she has worked till her fingers bled… And that isn’t a figure of speech. She to this works so hard, not only to provide for my father who is disabled and cannot work but to help my brothers out when really they didn’t deserve it. I do all I can possibly do for her and if I were rich I would buy her what she deserves. He has never had much and couldn’t even tell u the last time she has went shopping or had her hair done. I try to treat her to those things but she doesn’t except… She is a very “proud” woman lol. She has never had a new vehicle and has been with heat and air on the coldest and hottest of days. My husband and I have been the only ones to help them… We have fixed their car, and whatever else was in our financial means of doing for her. But I truly could never give her what she honestly deserves. Though this still wouldn’t show her how much she means, I know this would allow we to get something special just for her and it not be something that she could could turn down since it didn’t come from my pocket lol. She literally would give her last dollar to my brothers and would go without just so they didn’t have to. So I believe my super mom should win this. Love u momma!

Sheena griffin

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