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Denim Website Debut!!!

It can be a pretty daunting task to set out to find a new pair of jeans. Not to mention, there is a whole world out there with hundreds of brands, styles and fits. It can be very overwhelming and often difficult to even know where to begin. Over the years, Ally B has sifted through many denim brands, and we hope to have taken the hard work out for you. We want to make your shopping experience fun, easy and successful!  We currently carry four different brands that are sure to cover each body type. Here is a run down of what we have to offer....

1. Miss Me prides themselves on their attention to detail that includes embellishments, thick stitching and rhinestones. Every pair has its own style – from rock and roll to Hollywood glam to urban style. This is one of our most popular brands because every age enjoys the fit and updated, fashion forward styles.  All inseams are 34", so they are longer and will need hemming for those about 5"7 and under to get that custom length perfect. The good news is they have recently added a mid rise along with the low rise that they always offer. The mid rise sits just about an inch higher in the back to hide the dreaded "muffin top". (Not that any of us have that anyway, right?) With Miss Me, each style generally has the same fit which is great for online ordering. Once you know your size, you can just grab and go! Sizes 25-31 or 0-12

2. Jag Jeans are the newest of the bunch and oh my, they have been such a hit! They are a high rise, stretch jean with a pull on waist. No buttons or zippers! They sit on your hips in the perfect spot that conceals EVERYTHING! They are so slimming and truly fits EVERY body type. Once you have a pair of these you will want to throw all of your other jeans out the window! The only people that do not like these are those that can't get use to the higher rise. For me, it is heaven! And the best part, you will size DOWN in these! Sizes 0-14

 3. Kut from the Kloth jeans are curvalicious in all the right spots! They have a wider hip and leg opening for the curvier women. They sit a little higher on the hips, giving you a missy feel with a flattering trendy look. These are great everyday jeans for women looking for a little extra coverage. Sizes 0-14

4. It Jeans are the only jeans we have been carrying steadily since we opened our doors in 2006. We love them for the quality, fit and feel of the light weight denim. They are so soft, do not stretch out, wash well and last forever! They have cleaner basic styles that you can take you anywhere! Sizes 25-32 or 0-14

We would love for you to come by or order online to try them out for yourself! We are here to help with any questions you may have. You can email us at or give us a call at 229.227.0402 and we will talk you through it! :)

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