Tried and True Favorites

 There are several favorites here at Ally B that we all just can't live without. They have all been re ordered and re ordered with a waiting list each time. These items often are overlooked by new customers or those that just have not yet given the chance to fall in love. :) Here is a list of our top all time must haves!

 SEAMLESS EVERYTHING- Our seamless line includes cami's, tank tops, razor back and strapless tops, "half camis"  that stop below the bust, padded bandeau bras, dress slips AND leggings. The seamless fabric is like magic. They are super soft, all the tops are longer and stay put wherever you place them. The "half camis" are perfect for those low cut dresses when you do not need the length of a full cami. Each one of the products are a must have that you will soon not be able to live without- in every color :) Price ranges from $16 to $22



 JAG JEANS- We have only carried these for the past year and do not know how we made it thus far! If you like a higher waisted denim, this is for you! They are a pull on denim that fits like a dream. They are just high enough to keep those lovely love handles and anything else tucked away. Need I say more??? You also will go DOWN a size in these :) Even better! They have quickly become our best selling denim line and I encourage you to take the time to come try a pair! $64

INVISIBELT- This is a plastic belt that lays flat to hide that belt buckle bulge. For those days that you need a belt with your tunics and longer tops, but do not want to worry with it showing that fat buckle. $23


TAN TOWEL- There are alot of tanning products out there and believe me, I have tried them all. The Tan Towel is always my good ole stand by to keep on hand. It is not messy and very easy to apply. It looks like a baby wipe and you simply wipe and wipe and wipe until the towel is dry. The box comes with a pack of 10 and it usually uses 2 towels for your whole body. I will say, they do smell until you shower. Then you are good to go! :) $22


FASHION TAPE- This is the first double sided tape that fixes all those irritating wardrobe malfunctions. It will stick garment to garment or from garment to your skin. My favorite and most common used fix to tape my shirts to my chest. So that when you bend over and your wider neckline top doesn't fall open for everyone to see! You can also tape button holes, hem jeans, tape your shoulders when your straps insist on falling down and the list goes on. Just keep a pack in your handbag and you will pull it out on a daily basis. $9


LYSSE LEGGINGS- This is our newest find. Lysse is a shapewear legging with a tummy control band at the top. And let me tell you...This is not like Spanx or any other shapewear product where they are so tight you can't wait to take them off. You will want to LIVE in these! The material is a very nice thick jersey that is so comfortable and very flattering. You might have also heard Kathie Lee raving about them on the Today Show.They come in black, brown, white and denim. $62 and worth every penny :)

Please share with us your favorite item or anything we might have left off.


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This might be biased, but OF COURSE you sohlud get a pair of Zizzi Jeans. Come to Copenhagen and I’ll make sure you get the perfect fit ;) I love our jeans, and we have so many awesome ones at the moment. These pics are from last season, but the new catalogue sohlud be online in March. I can’t wait! Good look with the jeans hunt, I’m sure you’ll succeed! xoxo


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